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A simple definition of Graphic design

Graphic design is nothing that art which we made through our planning or us what made on paper  through images shapes tools etc

G. design ki job future me bahut aaingi Kyou ki puri Duniya internet par shift ho jaigi waske hisab se har wakti to designer Hoga Nahi Aur sabhi ka Ek business Hoga Jha tak mera manna hai Abhi India developing country me aati hai aur yha par Graphic design ki bahut Jada mang hai.
G. design is fully based on Arts creative and designing tools. this helps us to make more perfect and largely creative what we made we don't know when we make any simple design but the graphic designer first make it rough  the do it 

Let's see some example of Graphic design - 

 Graphic Design


This is the simple design which, I made in only 5 min you never believe what you made through design you make a world colorful by designing.

Graphical designing one of the best carrier in the future 

Graphic designer banna bahut hi Jada asan hai aap yha se simple aur asani se paisa kma shakte hai 
Ek graphical Designer ki Income Hoti hai 2,00,000/month, Agar aap Kisi Company ke lie Kam Karte ho too Agar aapne design bna ke company ko bechte ho to waske aapko bahut paisa Milenge wo aapke design pe depend on karta hai ki wo Kaisa hai.

Types of g. designer
Yha bahut trah k graphic designer hote hai  aapko konsa banna hai

Web designer 
Art designer
Gallery designer 

Aur Bhi bahut trah ke designer ki jaroorat hai Bharat ko kyou ki yha pare sayad hi koi professional designer Hoga ha designer Milenge mgar pro-level ke Nahi . hme aapne society jo jagruk Karna chaiye Graphic design ke lie bhi  .  Visual communication se prichit krana Hoga 

Book for Graphic design 

  1. Thinking with type
  2. How to be a graphic designer
  3. How to 
  4. Grid system in graphic
  5. Graphic design
  6. Industrial design
  7. web design
  8. Design Graphic
  9. Communication
 Graphic Design

William Addison Dwiggins 

He is the person who started Graphic Design in the world in 1992. He also created the illustrator.

What is the history of graphic designing 
Here is some design which I make in only 5 minutes. 

 Graphic Design


These are designed which I make in 5 minutes. 

The job of Graphic design Graphic Design


There are many jobs  for graphic designer and we discuss upside , Income, and many other things 

For graphic designers, the course is also to avail. Ofcous this course is paid if you want to be something you have to pays something for it. 

There are many websites which provide free graphic design course and that is better for beginners.

 Usually, the graphic design is made in software the software is highly paid and also some are free you can design your logo or something else and share online or you can distribute it. 

The software which is used in graphic design 

  1. After effect 
  2. Premier pro
  3. Adobe illustrator 
  4. Adobe XD
  5. Adobe Lightroom
  6. Adobe Dimension 
  7. Adobe Fresco
  8. Adobe Illustrator Draw 
  9. PhoneGap Developer
  10. Photoshop Express
  11. Photoshop Fix
  12. Photoshop Mix
  13. Photoshop Sketch 
  14. Premier clip
  15. Preview CC

These all are Adobe software foe designing and many more are left which I did not give a name on that list. Graphic design is not any kind of joke it's fully 
what we called a person with an attitude. 

In the UK, US Italy there is a lot of graphic designer who design art and many more for all people in that country at least 20% of people art graphic designer and they earn best... 

Want to know how graphic design work or where graphic designer work .If you know than it's ok If no than you ned to know something 

>There is an unlimited thing what you do i loved to designed. You can designed by pic arts want to show more deign  

Graphic design

This is the my own design which i designed by after effect so you need a best software for editing if you need . Or you can use any software .  

Graphic design

This is the our about us page design if you like it then please hit the comment 

But this is i made by adobe illustrator .
Hope you will like it 

Want to make own design have you face problem please contact me on my Gmail i will really answer there is nothing to worry i help you to make design 

 क्या आप  जानते है की  Graphic Design दुनिया को एक  नई मोड़ दे रही है आने वाले समय में graphic design  की बहुत ज्यादा मांग रहने वाली है क्या आपको पता  है   ये सरे Design basic hai aap   aap eisse bhi jaada aacha bna shakte ho .  

graphic design ke bahut sare  course aate hai aap koi sa bhi aacha rating dekh ke le shakte hai aap graphic design aram se sikh shakte  hai aur aap apna logo se business kar shakte hai online website par e-commerce site banyae aur wase bachiye kam se kam rate me 

Change your passion for Profit 

From google adsence, you can change your passion to profit from running your ads. There are many google adsence alternatives you can also use it for ads but for the best profit choose google adsence.

When you increase your knowledge when you lost all thing 

Graphic design best institute in India 
Asian institute in website -

Graphic  Design

In this institute many learning opportunities you found there 
  • studio project
  • Hands-on learning 
  • Portfolio building
  • Latest Software and tool
  • Placement Assistance
  • Workforce and conference 
Who student is qualified from there they are rating 5/4 in good 

  1. Photoshop
  2. Adobe illustrator
  3. photoshop sketch 
  4. Adobe in design

This Four software we learn there who got a degree in designing from AID they all are telling Best School of Designing in India and they also tell which they learn from there they can't learn from a book or any website . with full experience.

To aaj ke lia bas eitna hi phir aapse agli article me milenge 

just remember there is nothing impossible 
Only need to call your interest 

Typed by Sulekh Jha


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