Change your background without Green screen Free

Change your background without Green screen Free

green screen

An Introduction to Green Screen, Editing

> You can change your life by learning to edit 
>Be a billanore
> Be a unique editor as the creator 
>Be professional as work 
> Be what you like 
>From learning green screen you change your life what you do 
>You can live in your dream 
> you don't know what you go to learn 
>You heard Avnish Parker
> if you recently started editing go and watch his youtube channel 
> Graphic design, Editing master
>Learn adobe illustrator 

>Learn after effect for making your video more professional
> be an entrepreneur

What Will Green Screen Be Like in 100 Years

> it will be upgraded too much and we are going to in future and we make fast as soon as possible such a different and simple thing by green screen

Green Screen: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

>Just try once time 
>want to be a pro editor
>Once you start no one can stop you 
> Don't worry you will make money fast and too much 
> Learn to edit and work with the film industry 
> Change your life through green screen 

Dosto is website se aap bina green screen Ke  background hta shakte hai kya aapko pta hai koi aap downalod karne ki jarurat nahi hai bas jo aapka video hoga  

Website name - Unscreen 

>To dosto mai aapko kuch instruction dena chaunga ki aap  me se jo bhi aacha video editor banna chhata hai waske lia bahut aacha app hai ye website aap ke lia free ka kam kar ke deti hai mgar aapko ye jan ke hairani hogi ki aap eisse bahut aachi video ko edit kar shakte hai aur aap apne video ko aur bhi jaada aacha bna shakte hai .

Why to use pro 

>Dosto aapko pro use karne ke lia mai nahi bol rha hu magar mai aapko ye kah rha hu ki aap jis bhi website par jaiye aapne video editing ke lia jaan liziz ki wo aapke privacy ko kis trah se rakhti hai kahi wo aapke data ko bech to nahi deti hai . Agar ha to ye bahut badi problem hai 

Why to take problem about privacy 

> Because If anything Is on  Internet is only Your privacy but no one eorries why i don't know but this is fact .

> your privacy is only  such things whic is necessary for you if you  serev on internet .

How to use pro version 

> Want to use the pro version on unseen they launched very goo material in pro version so purchase it  the price is too low its simple use it now as same as how you use unscreen as same want to edit your video please comment me down for more update on video editing, Green screen  Please check out our other article.

How to change the green screen simply 

> If you use Green screen then it's ok and that's good  Because in filmora it's simple it means too easy want to do  because you can watch many videos on it or follow my instruction 

1. drag and drop your video on the timeline 
2. Press left click on the mouse and select green screen
3. And you got a dialogue box
4. apply a green screen effect and change according to your need's
5. Have you any queries  and question comment below

How the green screen effect your video 

> Green screen directly affect your video because kyou ki ye aapki video ko aur bhi Jada aacha bna deti hai some proffesional Looking  and I rewind you this type of website you needed to know  how the video maker if you want to check our video check out our video on youtube Burtoff 

There are many website who provided this type of work but never believe them because they sell your data to hi clint.

In 5 minute you can simply edit your video by using After effect or another question 

 q. You heard about lexis this is also to use full for editing but you can simply upload a music and click on ob button. t his app only use for editing audio .

q2. What are audio editing tool in computer graphics?

> Best audio editor in computer is Audio audition adobe products.

q3.How audio editing different from text editing?

> ooo h  it different full different we feel the music we love music.

3 Things Most People Don't Know About Green Screen

1. You can do anything in green screen know the power of green screen 
2. All science fiction film making  By  helping of a green screen 
3. without  green screen most of the effect is bad 

q. How do I deactivate my subscription to doing an audio editor?

And please contact me I will provide in your google drive but not here Some issues.

q. Audio editing software used in Avatar movie 

> yes audio  editing software used  to edit Avatar movies

q. Audio software for realme 2

> I recommend only Reg fog 2. Go to play store and simply download it best audion editing software I personally like it.

q.The disadvantage of audio editing

>  If your audio is bad then your image is down it means you give a low profile and 
bad impact on the viewer.

q. Audio Editing course syllabus

> If you want to be an audio editor then you thinking  high future because whole future depends on video and audio without audio all thing is gone bad 

q. Video camera effect editing app

> Filmora

>Adobe after effect 
>Hit film express 

q. video camera effect editing app for iPhone

1. LumaFusion - 2. Enlight Videoleap - 3. Kinemaster - 4. InShot -

These are software for editing in iPhone 

> aapko pta hai tab sayad muje lagat hai mst oga matlab green screen bahut jaada hi alag  hai bahi kya aapko lagta hai kya luch hoga future me green scren ka comment please  

To dosto aaj ke lia bas eitna hi 

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