Now samsung working on 600mp | Camera & SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FLIP Review

Now Samsung  working on 600mp | Camera

600mp camera can able to capture more than human wye. our eye captures many things but the extraordinary thing is captured by the camera in future Samsung and his team declares that they will soon launch 600mp Samsung.

Samsung launching

Now in 2020, our eye is the highest megapixel camera on earth but.  They launch that they launch 600mp it's not alike ordinary camera it's full of technology. I am waiting for it hopes they will launch soon.


They also tell they will publish this oncoming year or month.

The camera is the most important part of human life now because in that time we need anything or we want to  make  money  we need a camera and recently Thay launch Galaxy s20 Phone mp is 108mp sensor

This bought a big change in the camera business who wants to buy a camera they will prefer to buy Samsung phone 600mp phone. Phone maker evolved their camera as quickly as possible but Samsung is gone top because in the future they will launch a 600Mp camera.


Wanki company Kam kar Rahi hai ki photography ko aur simple Kaisa banaye Jha par camera ki jarurat hai wha phone Kaisa laye eisi  pe research krte karte  aab wanka project 600megapixel camera launch krne wale hai aane wale future me

600megapixel just thinks about what happens. This information was given by  Samsung yogin park Head of sensor business Team, Announced  600mp camera will able to matching and more than human eye capability of Thair  launching a new phone

Yes, this is a great achievement in the field of the smartphone. then we are able to see how our eye able to capture images. I think Samsung  600mp phone will able to capture many things which we can't see from our eye what a fantastic thins I loved it.

Where oppo and Vivo in competition with each other on camera I think Samsung be in the competition of the camera.

>bahiyo Samsung be ye kah diya hai ki wo kam kar rhe hai 600mp ke upar kya aapko pta hai pehle 108 mp hi aata tha magar aab bahut alag hone wali hai samsung 600mp ka camera  

Samsung ने हमें बहुत सरे गिफ्ट दिए है  नए नए  phone  ला कर  और हम बहुत ज्यादा प्यारर भी दिखाई और वनकी बहुत चली भी samsung  सही बोलू  तो  samsung  बहुत आगे की सोचता है 

There is an south korean जिसने कहा की ये 600 mp  camera  बहुत चीज़ capture  करने की छमता  रखेगा  एक human  eye  से ज्यादा क्यो की इसके sensor बहुत ज्यादा ही high-level  के होंगे 

वनहोने हर तरह से  कहा है की endless possibilities pixels . मतलब की बहुत  ज्यादा capibility होगी इसमे एक human eye के मुकाबले।

अभी जो कैमरा आते है वसमे इतनी capibility नहीं  होती वो जो फोटो कैप्चर करते है वस फोटो को हम आपने आखो से भी देख  शकते  है मगर हम जो 600mp  कैमरा जो लॉन्च करने वाले है  वस फोटो को हमारी आखे नहीं देख शकते।  

Samsung want to beat human capabilities and make the world perfect a big revolution is not far from humans. 

And I am surprised by the Samsung it's really shocking what. Samsung AIM to beat all mobile industry in-camera, sensor, megapixels all in mobile phones . Even DSLR at that time offers only 40mp nut the Samsung new launching phone offers 600mp resolution  you believe it it's really cool I am waiting for it but it's difficult to fit a big size sensor in a small phone only the difficulty is this  but Samsung found how to it a big sensor in a smartphone 

सsamsung का कहना ये है की हाई सेंसर को छोटा और  साइज को इतना छोटा मतलब shrink कर देंगे की वो  फ़ोन  में फिट  आ जाए 
These all model of Samsung 

  • Samsung On7 Pro (Gold, 2GB RAM, 16GB Storage) ...
  • Samsung On5 Pro (Gold, 2GB RAM, 16GB Storage) ...
  • Samsung Guru Music 2 (SM-B310E, Blue) ...
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Midnight Black, 6GB RAM, 64GB Storage) ...
  • Samsung Guru 1200 (GT-E1200, Black) ...
  • Samsung Guru FM Plus (SM-B110E/D, Dark Blue) ...
  • Samsung Metro 313 (SM-B313E, Black)

भाई samsung  के और भी model  है इनके अलावा मगर rukiye  सबसे bEST बेस्ट और upgrade हमे सैमसंग देने वाला है future में


NOte galaxy z flip 

USB cable 
USB adaptor 

Right side power lock button, Fingerprint screen also avail. left side sim tray niche hai USB c pod primary mike and speaker grill. 

Piche hai 
Yesme design aapko  bahut mast hai sath me premium hai  eisme dual rear camera  step up jha par hai 12.8 aperture ois ke sath main camera   wske bad 12 mp ka ultra-wide camera side me flash hai jiske side me hai 1.1 inches ka chota sa cover display  basic task ko Kam karne ke lia when a phone is in a folded position 

1UI   2.1 pe chalta hai jo ki 10 pe based hai 

Processor   - Snapdragon 855 ka 

8gb ram,56 Gb ki us internal storage,3000 battery wireless charging, fast charging, 

samne hai, 6.7 inches full HD full Dynamic display o design ke sath jha par 10mp ka camera hai  Selfie ye Ek ultra-thin display hai jo fold ho jaata hai jo bahut Khas bat hai Jha par fiver bhi use kiye hai prevent dust and dirt.

Eis phone ko hold karne ka jha par aapko foldedd mil jaiga aalag alag angle par rest karwa shakte hai 

Camere  - typical UI aache features hai you can fold easily and capture images in folded images Phone ke rear camera se photo le shakte hai agar phone fold ho Phir bhi 

Fingerprint scanner bhi acha hi hai facebook bhi acha hai Advanced phone hai bahut Jada  Spex bhi acha hai Abhi India me bhi Samsung bhi launch karne wale hai . We can fold 200000 times Samsung tell officially 



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