How to Become a success Youtuber in 2020

How to Become a success YouTuber in 2020

Before Start YouTube channel in 2020 ? 

How to Become a success YouTuber in 2020

Before Start YouTube channel in 2020 ? You should know about some thing 

First is SEO it means YouTube SEO How YouTube Work Some Or basic knowledge of YouTube You Found many channel And videos who will help you to Know these all this first . Then You have to choose one quality Content it means  choose a one and Single category . On which category your channel run after got 10k Subscriber you can expand more and more as you wish .  

Second thing is that after finding these two things research which topic you choose this all are in trending or not it means Topic you choose what is the maximum views on others video if one lakhs cross then decide to make video otherwise change it . Choose a better one . 

After choosing a Good topic then you need to make a video with knowledge with a different ways from others who make first . You will be regular you have to post a regular content it means you can upload in gap of seven days or you can upload a video in one days but video should be content and non - copyrighted materials

Want to download free Videos without copyright  There are many website such as - Pixabay and There are lot of website which Help You in the journey of Youtube .

Videos Quality

you have two choice if you start a comedy videos and in a different ways then you can use your phone camera but if not your video is made for knowledgeable videos then you need DSLR you can also start making video on your phones but the content should be powerful .

Content is the King of your Channel Don't try to make a videos which is avail on youtube make a different types videos from which people engage and also improve your voice and talking how to convinence people from talking and how to show full support .

Always make a backup it means  Social media if Suppose one day your channel got deleted then social media help to get subscriber fast.

One thing is most important that never leade in a wrong way it means want to live long on youtube so don't mislead people or subscriber because they believe on you even one subscriber or two NEVER MISLEAD them . 

Share your videos or not 
In my way not share your videos too many people share only one time because youtube trac your sharing it means youtube track your ip address if you are sharing multiple times to your friends or anyone . 

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