How to Become a blogger In 2020

How to Become a Blogger In 2020

You want to become a successful blogger in 2020 the first thing you need before starting blogging that you have interested in writing a post or writing a ( Summative assessment )
If you want to become a blogger you need to take interest in writing a post. That's all 

How to Become a blogger In 2020


No one comes and writes without money yes that is the option to earn money from blogging. Ads Are the best option to earn money From bloggers there are many things where you can earn more but you need the first writing skills.

Your revenue depends on yours What you write in your post People or visitors like them or not. This is the reason there are few people in blogging So you can also earn more.

If your purpose is only that earning then you have to go on youtube and start a channel if your work visitors like it means viewer likes than you can be able to earn one lakh per month or more than there are many ways to earn a high income.

Writing a Post 

This is not enough to write a post there are many things you can do if you heard about SEO. Then ok If not Don't worry I will tell you all About SEO 

( Search engine optimization ) 

From SEO You can visit more people this is the way from which your post ranks on google top if you learn about SEO there are many free courses available on Youtube You can learn from there. 

If your post rank on top on google there is the chance you to get more visitors and more income  there is the formula you learn  

Visitors = Income 
This can help you more [SEO ] to visit more people. 

What you need to before Sending Your website to ADsence 

You need to check out your website there is only one niche available on your Website more than two not much because google not allow before Sending Your website to ADsence You need to read Google Adsense Guidelines From which there is no problem to monetize.

On your website It is necessary to Home, Privacy policy, Contact US page available If these pages does'not exist on your website will never monetize or rejected Because Google Thinks your website is made for illegal work or way.  


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