Most commonly used tags in HTML

 HTML tag: It is the root of the HTML document which is used to specify that the document is HTML.



        <title>Title of your web page</title>  


    <body>HTML web page contents </body>  



Head tag:

 The Head tag is used to contain all the head elements in the HTML file. It contains the title, style, meta, … etc tag.

<head>Contains elements describing the document</head> 

2.Title tag:

 It is used to define the title of HTML document. Syntax:


<tittle>tab name</tittle> 

3. Heading tag: It is used to define the heading of HTML document


<h1>Heading 1 </h1>   

<h2>Heading 2 </h2> 

<h3>Heading 3 </h3>  

<h4>Heading 4 </h4>  

<h5>Heading 5 </h5>  

<h6>Heading 6 </h6> 

4.Paragraph tag:

It is used to define paragraph content in HTML documents.


<p>GeeksforGeeks: Computer science portal</p> 

5.Emphasis tag:

It is used to renders as emphasized text



6.Bold tag: It is used to specify bold content in HTML document


<b>Bold word</b> 

7.Italic tag: It is used to write the content in italic format



8.Small (text) tag: It is used to set the small font size of the content



9.Underline tag

 It is used to set the content underline



10. Deleted text tag

It is used to represent deleted text. It crosses the text content



11.Anchor tag: It is used to link one page to another page.

<a href=""> 


12.List tag: It is used to list the content.


<li>List item 1</li>  

<li>List item 2</li> 

13.Ordered List tag: It is used to list the content in a particular order.



     <li>List item 1</li>  

     <li>List item 2</li> 

     <li>List item 3</li>  

     <li>List item 4</li>  


14.Unordered List tag: It is used to list the content without order.



     <li>List item 1</li>  

     <li>List item 2</li> 

     <li>List item 3</li>  

     <li>List item 4</li>  


15.Comment tag: It is used to set the comment in HTML document. It is not visible on the browser.


<!--Comment section-->

16.Scrolling Text tag: It is used to scroll the text or image content.


<marquee bgcolor="#cccccc" loop="-1"

scrollamount="2" width="100%"> 

Example Marquee</marquee> 

17.Center tag: It is used to set the content into the center.



18.Font tag: It is used to specify the font size, font color, and font-family in HTML document.


<font face="Times New Roman">Example</font>  

19.Line break tag: It is used to break the line.


GeeksforGeeks<br>A computer science portal 

20.Image tag: It is used to add image elements in HTML documents.


<img src="gfg.jpg" width="40"

height="40" border="0"> 

21.Link tag: It is used to link the content from an external source.



<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"> 


21.Horizontal rule tag: It is used to display the horizontal line in HTML document.


<hr width="50%" size="3" />  

22.Meta tag: It is used to specify the page description. For example last modifier, authors, … etc.


<meta name="Description"

    content="Description of your site">  

<meta name="keywords"

    content="keywords describing your site"> 

23.Tables Tags: Table tag is used to create a table in HTML document.


<table border="4" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" width="100%">  

<tr> <td>Column 1</td> 

<td>Column 2</td> </tr> </table> 

24.Tr tag: It is used to define a row of HTML tables.












25.Th tag: It defines the header cell in a table. By default, it set the content with the bold and center property.












26. Td tag: It defines the standard cell in the HTML document.




    <td>Cell A</td> 

    <td>Cell B</td> 



27.Form tag: It is used to create HTML form for the user.


<form action=" "> 

  Name: <input name="Name" value="" size="80"><br> 

  Email: <input name="Email" value="" size="80"><br>  

  <br><center><input type="submit"></center> 


<form >  all attributes 

28.Submit input tag: It is used to take the input from the user.


<form method=post action="/cgibin/example.cgi"> 

<input type="text" style="color: #ffffff; 

 font-family: Verdana; font-weight: bold; 

 fontsize: 12px; background-color: #72a4d2;"  

 size="10" maxlength="30">  

<input type="Submit" value="Submit">  


29.Dropdown option tag: It is used to select an option from the drop-down list.

<form method=post action="/cgibin/example.cgi">  

<center> Select an option:<select> 

<option>option 1</option> 

<option selected>option 2</option> 

<option>option 3</option>  


30.Radio button tag: It is used to select only one option from the given options.


<form method=post action="/cgibin/example.cgi">  

Select an option:<br>  

<input type="radio" name="option"> Option 1 

<input type="radio" name="option" checked> Option 2 

<input type="radio" name="option"> Option 3 

All tags 

<!--...-->         Describe a comment text in the source code  

<!doctype> Defines a document type  

<a>                Specific a anchor (Hyperlink)

Use for link in internal/external web documents.  

<abbr>        Describes an abbreviation (acronyms)  

<acronym> Describes an acronyms          REMOVE

<address> Describes an address information  

<applet>       Embedding an applet in HTML document REMOVE

<area>      Defines an area in an image map  

<article>      Defines an article NEW

<aside>     Describes contain set(or write) on aside place in page contain    NEW

<audio>   Specific audio content NEW

<b>           Specific text weight bold  

<base>     Define a base URL for all the links with in a web page  

<basefont> Describes a default font color, size, face in a document                                          REMOVE

<bb>      Define browser command, that command invoke as per client action NEW/ REMOVE

<bdo>     Specific direction of text display  

<big>     Defines a big text REMOVE

<blockquote>    Specifies a long quotation  

<body>    Defines a main section(body) part in HTML document  

<br />     Specific a single line break  

<button> Specifies a press/push button  

<canvas> Specifies the display graphics on HTML web documment NEW

<caption> Define a table caption  

<center> Specifies a text is display in center align REMOVE

<cite> Specifies a text citation  

<code> Specifies computer code text  

<col> Specifies a each column within a <colgroup> element in table  

<colgroup> Defines a group of one or more columns inside table  

<command> Define a command button, invoke as per user action NEW

<datagrid> Define a represent data in datagrid either list wise or tree wise NEW/ REMOVE

<datalist> Define a list of pre-defined options surrounding <input> tag NEW

<dd> Defines a definition description in a definition list  

<del> Specific text deleted in web document  

<details> Define a additional details hide or show as per user action NEW

<dfn> Define a definition team  

<dialog> Define a chat conversation between one or more person NEW/ REMOVE

<dir> Define a directory list REMOVE

<div> Define a division part  

<dl> Define a definition list  

<dt> Define a definition team  

<em> Define a text is emphasize format  

<embed> Define a embedding external application using a relative plug-in NEW

<eventsource> Defines a source of event generates to remote server NEW/ REMOVE

<fieldset> Defines a grouping of related form elements  

<figcaption> Represents a caption text corresponding with a figure element NEW

<figure> Represents self-contained content corresponding with a <figcaption> element NEW

<font> Defines a font size, font face and font color for its text REMOVE

<footer> Defines a footer section containing details about the author, copyright, contact us, sitemap, or links to related documents. NEW

<form> Defines a form section that having interactive input controls to submit form information to a server.  

<frame> Defines frame window. REMOVE

<frameset> Used to holds one or more <frame> elements. REMOVE

<h1> to <h6> Defines a Headings level from 1 to 6 different sizes.  

<head> Defines header section of HTML document.  

<header> Defines as a container that hold introductory content or navigation links. NEW

<hgroup> Defines the heading of a section that hold the h1 to h6 tags. NEW/ REMOVE

<hr /> Represent a thematic break between paragraph-level tags. It is typically draw horizontal line.  

<html> Define a document is a HTML markup language  

<i> Defines a italic format text  

<iframe> Defines a inline frame that embedded external content into current web document.  

<img> Used to insert image into a web document.  

<input> Define a get information in selected input  

<ins> Used to indicate text that is inserted into a page and indicates changes to a document.  

<isindex> Used to create a single line search prompt for querying the contents of the document. REMOVE

<kbd> Used to identify text that are represents keyboard input.  

<keygen> Used to generate signed certificate, which is used to authenticate to services. NEW/ REMOVE

<label> Used to caption a text label with a form <input> element.  

<legend> Used to add a caption (title) to a group of related form elements that are grouped together into the <fieldset> tag.  

<li> Define a list item either ordered list or unordered list.  

<link> Used to load an external stylesheets into HTML document.  

<map> Defines an clickable image map.  

<mark> Used to highlighted (marked) specific text. NEW

<menu> Used to display a unordered list of items/menu of commands.  

<meta> Used to provide structured metadata about a web page.  

<meter> Used to measure data within a given range. NEW

<nav> Used to defines group of navigation links. NEW

<noframes> Used to provide a fallback content to the browser that does not support the <frame> element. REMOVE

<noscript> Used to provide an fall-back content to the browser that does not support the JavaScript.  

<object> Used to embedded objects such as images, audio, videos, Java applets, and Flash animations.  

<ol> Defines an ordered list of items.  

<optgroup> Used to create a grouping of options, the related options are grouped under specific headings.  

<option> Represents option items within a <select>, <optgroup> or <datalist> element.  

<output> Used for representing the result of a calculation. NEW

<p> Used to represents a paragraph text.  

<param> Provides parameters for embedded object element.  

<pre> Used to represents preformatted text.  

<progress> Represents the progress of a task. NEW

<q> Represents the short quotation.  

<rp> Used to provide parentheses around fall-back content to the browser that does not support the ruby annotations. NEW

<rt> Specifies the ruby text of ruby annotation. NEW

<ruby> Used to represents a ruby annotation. NEW

<s> Text display in strikethrough style.  

<samp> Represents text that should be interpreted as sample output from a computer program.  

<script> Defines client-side JavaScript.  

<section> Used to divide a document into number of different generic section. NEW

<select> Used to create a drop-down list.  

<small> Used to makes the text one size smaller.  

<source> Used to specifies multiple media resources. NEW

<span> Used to grouping and applying styles to inline elements.  

<strike> Represents strikethrough text. REMOVE

<strong> Represents strong emphasis greater important text.  

<style> Used to add CSS style to an HTML document.  

<sub> Represents inline subscript text.  

<sup> Represents inline superscript text.  

<table> Used to defines a table in an HTML document.  

<tbody> Used for grouping table rows.  

<td> Used for creates standard data cell in HTML table.  

<textarea> Create multi-line text input.  

<tfoot> Used to adding a footer to a table that containing summary of the table data.  

<th> Used for creates header of a group of cell in HTML table.  

<thead> Used to adding a header to a table that containing header information of the table.  

<time> Represents the date and/or time in an HTML document. NEW

<title> Represents title to an HTML document.  

<tr> Defines a row of cells in a table.  

<track> Represents text tracks for both the <audio> and <video> tags. NEW

<tt> Represents teletype text. REMOVE

<u> Represents underlined text.  

<ul> Defines an unordered list of items.  

<var> Represents a variable in a computer program or mathematical equation.  

<video> Used to embed video content. NEW

<wbr> Defines a word break opportunity in a long string of text. NEW

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